Representatives from India, Malaysia and Vietnam are co-developing an interactive tool to help policymakers navigate through policy options and key steps for developing and delivering effective, efficient, equitable, and high quality primary health care services through a health benefits policy. 

Member countries have expressed interest in adopting and implementing health benefits policies as as approach to realize universal health coverage. Since most primary health care services are highly cost-effective and are viewed as essential or basic care, their inclusion as a priority in a benefits policy is often not in question. However, many of the toughest challenges for primary health care in the contect of health benefits policies exist in aligning the financing, supply-side inputs, and delivery approaches to effectively provide these basic elements of prevention, health promotion, and treatment. 

Technical Facilitation Team

Carleigh Krubiner

International Decision Support Initiative

Nathan Blanchet

Results for Development Institute

Available Resources

UHC Primary Health Care Self-Assessment Tool

A multi-stakeholder survey design to help countries assess whether their health financing approaches are well aligned with primary care initiatives.