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JLN Countries in Headlines

JLN countries are engaged in serious political and technical discussions on how to expand health coverage. Still others are considering such reforms, but are struggling to navigate the legal, financial, and political frameworks of their countries to determine the best path towards reform.

Below is a list of UHC-related headlines from JLN member countries:

General News

UNICEF's "National Health insurance in Asia and Africa" and "Social Protection Strategic Framework" documents show possibility of universal health coverage.The two newly released UNICEF publications demonstrate that while reaching universal health coverage (UHC) is possible in most countries, this requires a comprehensive social protection system of which health insurance is a crucial component.


Health financing: Why are we not doing the right thing?: Columnist Winifred Ogbego asks why health insurance is not mandatory in Nigeria.

Health financing: Why are we not doing the right thing? - Part 2: Columnist Ogbego says more people need to know about the benefits of the health insurance scheme.


Philhealth members up by at least 100%: Membership for the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) is up by nearly 100 percent, with 160,539 subscribers in 2011 and an additional 159,957 new members as of May 25, 2012.

Philhealth beefs up campaign for universal health care: Philhealth is now targeting all Filipinos to become members of its national health insurance program, motivated by the President's goal for universal health coverage.

Philhealth "Tamong Sagot" aims to decrease information gap: Dr. Banzon's opinion article outlines why new document released by Philhealth is necessary and useful to expansion of universal health coverage within the Philippines.

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