Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage



A high-quality health system is defined by its fidelity to cost-effective, evidence-based care; its capacity to continuously learn from and prevent errors; and its commitment to the respect and dignity of the patients and families it serves. Policymakers, payers, providers, patients and the public each have a role to play in achieving these goals; through collaboration, they can achieve an effective quality strategy that, combined with expansions in health care access, will achieve improvements in health outcomes.

The work of the Quality Track (QT) is directed at guiding, connecting and empowering payer institutions and their government partners from JLN countries to impact the quality of health systems. Complementing our in-person interactions, this online platform is a central tool for accomplishing our goals.

Webinar Series: The QT hosts a webinar on technical areas of quality improvement every 4-6 weeks. Previous sessions have discussed:

Resources: Our Resources page allows you to access the tools, templates, and slides used at our Quality sessions.

Recent Workshops