Year Joined: 2010 Membership: Full Member

Expanding the depth and breadth of coverage.

The Philippine Health Corporation launched in 1995 with the aim of placing a renewed emphasis on achieving universal coverage.

Summary of UHC Journey

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) was created in 1995 to administer the National Health Insurance Program, which provides financial access to health services for all Filipinos. In 1998 and 2004, the Philippines implemented policies to provide and expand coverage and subsidizes for the poor, and PhilHealth supported locale jurisdictions during outreach and enrollment.

In 2013, PhilHealth further extended subsidies by mobilizing additional tax revenue, streamlined its enrollment processes, and used targeted outreach to poor and vulnerable groups to further advance toward universal health coverage.

During this time, PhilHealth has led many improvements to the health benefits package and delivery systems, like an “Outpatient and Diagnostic Package” limited to indigent enrollees and an accreditation program for private sector hospitals.

Activity as a JLN Member

The Philippines is one of the founding members of the JLN. A representative from the Philippines currently serves on the JLN Steering Group. Delegates from the Philippines contributed to the following knowledge products:

  • UHC Primary Health Care Self-Assessment Tool
  • Provider Payment Reform and Information Technology Systems: A Chicken and Egg Question
  • Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment: A Practical Manual
  • Costing Manual: Online Course
  • Costing Manual: Tools & Templates
  • Financing and Payment Models for Primary Health Care: Six Lessons from JLN Country Experience
  • Compendium: 12 country approaches to covering poor and informal populations to achieve UHC
  • Governing to Improve Quality Toolkit
  • Philippines: Approaches to covering poor, vulnerable, and informal populations to achieve UHC
  • Expanding Health Coverage to the Informal Sector: Philippines
  • Health Data Dictionaries and the Philippines Experience using OpenHDD
  • JLN Population Coverage Technical Initiative Workshop Summary
  • International Lessons for RAMED

In 2018, representatives from the Philippines participated in the PHC Financing and Payment, Leveraging Resources for Efficiency, Fiscal Policy for Public Health, and Vertical Integration collaboratives.

Adapting JLN Knowledge

In November 2012, the Philippines Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) issued a press release about its “crucial” collaboration with the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) to develop a national health data dictionary. According to Dr. Alvin B. Marcelo, PhilHealth Chief Information and Technology Executive, “without a data dictionary, confusion and misinterpretations are common.” With the openHDD, PhilHealth can create new strategies “to improve universal health coverage.”

PhilHealth’s adoption of openHDD is an international partnership embraced at the highest level of the PhilHealth Corporation. With continued success; the partnership will continue to garner real benefits for the Filipino people and the advancement of universal health coverage in the Philippines. Watch the video below to see a brief interview with Dr. Alvin Marcelo on the importance of ICT within PhilHealth.

KaSAPI Program for Engaging MFIs for Information Campaigns and Collection

KaSAPI partners PhilHealth with existing microfinance institutions, rural banks, cooperatives, and other organized groups to better target and efficiently enroll groups of informal sector workers into the PhilHealth national insurance program (NHIP).


National Strategy to Expand Health Coverage through Mutuelles de Santé

Mali is beginning the pilot phase of its national strategy to extend health coverage to 80% (informal sector and rural agricultural workers) of its population through mutuelles de santé, or community-based health insurance schemes (CBHI).


Mobile Phones for Communication and Resource Mobilization

Kenya's National Hospital Insurance Fund is in the final stages of recruiting dealers for a new program that uses mobile phone technology and commercial intermediaries to expand enrollment and increase revenue. All other elements of the program are ready for a July 5th launch that will commemorate NHIF&rsquo