A New Normal for Global Health: Navigating Today’s Challenges and Opportunities

Friday 12/08/17
Location: Washington D.C

Global Health Council (GHC) is proud to announce, A New Normal for Global Health: Navigating Today’s Challenges and Opportunities, the 2017 Global Health Landscape Symposium (GHLS).

This one‐day meeting will convene policy and program leads from global health organizations across multiple sectors. It will encourage crucial conversations that drill down on barriers and best practices to address changes in the global health landscape. Speakers and participants will be asked to propose both aspirational ideas and pragmatic solutions for the benefit of people served by nonprofit organizations, for‐profit corporations, and government institutions.

Key objectives for this event include allowing GHC members and partners to identify inroads and strategies that bolster global health investments and leadership, discuss setbacks to global health support, acknowledge constraints or limitations of the current environment, anticipate forthcoming changes to the global health landscape and commit to evolve, and gain information and tools to inform future planning and advocacy.

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