Data Foundations Collaborative Workshop

Wednesday 04/04/18 – Friday 04/06/18
Location: Seoul, South Korea

The Data Foundations collaborative plans to meet in Seoul, South Korea for an in-person learning exchange, with technical facilitation from PATH and Wipro. The meeting is closed to participating JLN members. 

About the Data Foundations Collaborative
Globally, countries are expanding health coverage to more of their citizens through the development of national health coverage plans. Policies, implementation challenges, technologies and models of universal health coverage (UHC) programs vary from country to country. Even so, one challenge all systems face as they move toward national scale is the growing need for usable data.

While health care systems vary across countries, common trends related to UHC include a focus on primary health care and person-centered integrated care and a shift from fee-for-service provider payment models to reimbursement based on preventive care, quality, and value. These changes require data to inform policy, to monitor results, and to effectively implement and operationalize care delivery and care financing on a national scale.

The Data Foundations collaborative seeks to focus on building capacity to understand what data exists in current information systems and how it can be made available and usable by addressing common data foundation challenges such as data governance, common data definitions, data linking and integration, and data warehouses. This activity is focused on improving the ability of national and global-level health personnel to articulate what they need for reporting and analytics capabilities from existing information systems and plan for that capability considering the connections between all levels of data flows (i.e., facility, district, province, national, and global) .

Please contact Caren Althauser with any questions. 

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