Data Use Governance for Universal Health Coverage: From Theory to Practice

Tuesday 12/11/18 7:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: Global Digital Health Forum, Washington, DC, USA

Join the JLN's session at the Global Digital Health Forum 2018, in Washington, DC, for a presentation of case studies on data governance and use that have been developed by the Data Foundations Collaborative.

The case studies highlight best practices and lessons learned contributed by this group of health care data professionals from 10 countries. In particular, the session will highlight South Korea’s data management system and illustrate the importance of sound data governance when designing and implementing digital information solutions in the pursuit of universal health coverage. Some of the relevant topics that will be discussed include data privacy and security, data governance in chronic disease management, claims data utilization, and financial management.

More information about the Forum is available on the conference website.

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