Domestic Resource Mobilization Collaborative Workshop

Monday 04/16/18 – Tuesday 04/17/18
Location: Washington, D.C.

The Domestic Resource Mobilization collaborative plans to meet in Washington, D.C. for an in-person learning exchange, with technical facilitation by the World Bank. The meeting is closed to participating JLN members. 

About the Domestic Resource Mobilization Collaborative
The objective of the Domestic Resource Mobilization collaborative is to deliberate the challenges that countries face when mobilizing domestic resources for health. The collaborative aims to understand country experiences of:

• The expansion of domestic prepaid or pooled financing, including the re-prioritization of health in government budgets, earmarking of new or existing revenue sources and a reduction of the dependence on out-of-pocket sources.

• The use of non-traditional financing sources including social/ development impact bonds, public-private partnerships and mobilizing private financing, use of international and national guarantees, etc.

Please contact Naina Ahluwalia ( with any questions. 

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