Efficiency Collaborative Learning Exchange

Wednesday 02/14/18 – Thursday 02/15/18
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

The Efficiency collaborative plans to meet in Nairobi, Kenya for an in-person learning exchange. Participation is closed to collaborative participants. 

About the Efficiency Collaborative
The Leveraging Existing Resources for Efficiency collaborative attempts to address challenges faced by countries in leveraging existing resources for health while discussing aspects of efficiency in the health system, including:

• Country experience with budget formulation, allocation of resources and technical capacity, and the opportunity to use affordable mechanisms of systematic priority setting.
• Policymakers’ experiences in performance-based financing for health facilities and health workers.
• Experiences around measuring performance, setting indicators, and the extent and mix of non-monetary incentives.
• Improving public financial management in the health sector
• Procurement and supply chain efficiency, governance reforms, and use of IT-enabled processes.

Please contact Naina Ahluwalia (nahluwalia@worldbank.org) with any questions. 

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