First Gulf Health Insurance Conference and Exhibition

Sunday 11/18/18 – Monday 11/19/18
Location: Bahrain

The Bahrain JLN Country Core Group at the Supreme Council of Health is organizing a unique knowledge exchange in the Gulf Region, the First Gulf Health Insurance Conference and Exhibition, on November 18-19, 2018. This event is aimed towards better cooperation and coordination between GCC countries and also gaining from global knowledge and insights. The conference aims to bring together experts from the region and the globe to share insights on implementing and managing national health insurance schemes.

It will feature an opening panel session between all GCC health ministers. The two-day conference will also include seminars and panel discussions on health insurance reforms, while defining the roles of future buyers and providers of healthcare services. The side sessions will also focus on the new role of private health service providers and health insurance companies, together with defining the significant role of health information systems in the reform program. Former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Director General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom will both be the event's top keynote speakers. The objectives of the event include:

  • Enhancing awareness of the health reform scheme and the proposed national social health insurance system in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 
  • Exchanging knowledge and expertise with regards to health insurance schemes in the GCC and the globe. 
  • Benefiting from countries’ experiences to change management in health reforms and establishing strong policies that would steer and govern the planned change. 
  • Highlighting specific roles for the different participating countries in insuring the development and expansion of the national health insurance industries. 
  • Discussing important strategies and updates in applying health insurance schemes. 
  • Discussing challenges and minimizing resistance to change. 
  • Exploring the role of International bodies and the private sector in supporting the planned change. 
  • Assessing the role of Information Systems in the implementation plan. 

Several JLN facilitators including those from the Medical Audits collaborative, Provider Payments technical initiative, and Health Financing technical initiative have been invited to the event as prominent resource persons representing various development partners. The event will take forward univesal health coverage knowledge exchange in the Gulf region to a new level.

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