HFG: Strategic Health Purchasing Roundtable

HFG: Strategic Health Purchasing Roundtable
Tuesday 02/20/18 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Location: Virtual

Since 2012, USAID’s Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project has worked with countries around the world to address some of the greatest challenges facing health systems today.

Join HFG for our "Advances in Health Finance and Governance" series as we reflect on the issues, share what we all have learned and discuss strategies for continued progress.  This session will focus on strategic purchasing for health, including:

  • What is strategic purchasing for health?
  • How does strategic health purchasing improve overall health systems?
  • What are the common issues countries face when trying to implement strategic health purchasing?


  • Rena Eichler, Performance-Based Incentives Expert, Broad Branch Associates, HFG Project
  • Tihomir Strizrep, Health Care Reform Expert, Consultant, HFG project
  • Alex ErgoPerformance-Based Incentives Expert, Broad Branch Associates, HFG Project

Use the hashtag #HFGAdvances to join the conversation online!

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