JLN at the Third Annual Universal Health Coverage Financing Forum

Thursday 04/19/18 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Location: Washington, D.C.

The JLN Primary Health Care and Provider Payment Mechanism initiatives will host a session at the Third Annual Universal Health Coverage Financing Forum on strategic health purchasing.

Titled, "Achieving Good Health For All Through Purchasing: Guidance and Practical Tools for Countries Developed by Countries of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage," four JLN practitioners will share some key lessons learned from their collaborative work on primary health care and provider payment. 

Forty years after the Alma Ata Declaration declared primary health care (PHC) a method for achieving good health for all, countries are still grappling with how to design, implement and improve PHC systems. The JLN, a global community of 30 countries focused on bridging the gap between theory and implementation of approaches to achieve UHC, has taken great strides in developing practical tools to support countries' PHC systems.

While many countries on the path to UHC have focused on “insurable risks” to achieve financial protection, countries are now recognizing the importance of providing quality and cost-effective PHC services to achieve equity in access to quality health services while remaining within health system financial limits. Members of the JLN PHC and Provider Payment Mechanism initiatives have been working together to co-develop the how-to’s of strengthening PHC-oriented health systems focusing on defining PHC-focused health benefits packages; engaging with the private sector to provide those packages; and sharing lessons on financing and paying for PHC services

JLN country practitioners from Malaysia, Mongolia and Kenya will discuss the importance of getting the "what to purchase, from whom, and how to pay" right for primary health care services. Presenters will share co-developed tools and knowledge products for addressing primary health care service benefit package design, private sector engagement, and financing and payment and provide a forum for participants to meet with country mentors who can advise on the use of the tools.

This session is open to registered participants of Universal Health Coverage Financing Forum. Please click here for more information on registration. 


  • Dr. Kamaliah Noh, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, Malaysia
  • Dr. Rima Marhayu Abdul Rashid, Family Health Development Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  • Tsolmongerel Tsilaajav, Health Economist and Policy Expert; Former Director of Policy and Planning, Ministry of Health, Mongolia
  • Dr. Ahmed Omar, Health Policy Specialist, Ministry of Health, Kenya

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