JLN Cross-Cutting Collaborative Meetings

Tuesday 10/10/17 – Friday 10/13/17
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

At the 2016 global JLN meeting, JLN member countries articulated the desire to explore approaches to redesigning service delivery systems to better meet population health needs through people-centered integrated care strategies.

Recognizing that the success of people-centered integrated care (PCIC) depends on supportive models for provider payment and the optimization of health information technology, the JLN established four new work cross-technical streams to promote people-centered integrative care.

In October 2017, JLN members in three new cross-cutting collaboratives will meet in Hanoi, Vietnam to kick off their work:

People-Centered Integrative Care
The primary objective of the PCIC collaborative is to increase the knowledge and resources available to countries on models of PCIC and the steps and requirements for achieving it. The PCIC collaborative will support JLN countries to identify where to focus improvement efforts and to define the range and sequence of implementation strategies most likely to result in desired outcomes, focusing on empanelment, multidisciplinary teams for PHC, coordination of care, and integration of care. Once a focus area has been identified through the scoping workshop, the remainder of the collaborative will concentrate efforts on co-identifying and co-creating intervention designs, implementation strategies, and supporting tools and knowledge products for achieving prioritized PCIC tenets.

Data Foundations
This new collaborative launches the next phase of the Information Technology initiative and will build capacity in understanding what data exists in current health information systems and how it can be made available by addressing common data foundation challenges such as data governance, common data definitions, data linking and integration and data warehouses. The activity will focus on improving the ability of national and global-level health personnel to articulate what they need for reporting and building analytics capacity from existing information systems. Countries will come together to share experiences and develop a replicable process for building data foundations that can be adapted to country-specific contexts.

Primary Health Care Financing and Payment
This new collaborative in the next phase of the Provider Payment Mechanisms initiative will create new knowledge for better leveraging strategic health purchasing, financing, and payment incentives to facilitate structural changes in service delivery to strengthen primary health care and move toward PCIC. The collaborative will identify a specific topic based on participant demand to address technical challenges that link to the broader policy issues of strengthening PHC and PCIC. 

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