JLN South Korea Meeting

Monday 12/04/17 – Friday 12/08/17
Location: Seoul, South Korea

As South Korea marks the 40th anniversary of its national health insurance system, the JLN will join South Korea's Health Insurance Review and Assessment Agency, National Health Insurance Service, and the KDI School of Public Policy and Management to celebrate the milestone and on the sidelines, take stock of the platform’s  growth with the goal of planning the next phase of the JLN.

The JLN’s Steering Group and four JLN collaboratives will meet for a week of strategic decision-making and joint learning, including the Health Benefits Policy, Primary Health Care Measurement for Improvement, Private Sector Engagement and Domestic Resource Mobilization collaboratives. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss cross-technical topics at the intersection of health financing and primary health care.  The meeting will include a soft launch of the upcoming Toolkit for Medical Audit Systems, as well as a preview of new UHC tools developed by JLN members. 

Participation for this event is finalized and limited to members of the technical collaboratives and Steering Group.


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