UHC Day 2018 Twitter Chat

UHC Day 2018 Twitter Chat
Wednesday 12/12/18 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Location: Virtual

Join us and our co-hosts: UHC2030, the UHC2030 Civil Society Engagement Mechanism, Management Sciences for Health, and the UHC Day Coalition, for a #UHCchat Twitter chat commemorating International Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day) on December 12.

This year marks the first time that UHC Day is an officially recognized UN day of observance, after a December 2017 resolution passed. Since 2014, December 12 has been a day of celebration and action for UHC by advocates and others that was first organized by the UHC Coalition.

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Twitter Chat Hashtag: #UHCchat

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How to Participate

Follow @JLN4UHC and the #UHCchat hashtag on Twitter between 9:00-10:00am EST on December 12. We will Tweet some prepared questions, with Q and a number, like: "Q1: How are you doing today?"

You can respond by tweeting in a similar format, like: "A1: Excited to celebrate UHC Day! #UHCchat"

Be sure to include the Twitter chat hashtag, #UHCchat, in any of your tweets, so that they are included in the conversation.

Chat Questions

  • Q1: We know that universal health coverage policies touch on many aspects of access, quality, and cost of health services, how can we engage & align stakeholders to take meaningful action that balances these different demands of #HealthForAll? #UHCchat #UHCDay
  • Q2: Our partners @UHC2030 have a great question: what factors do you think create an enabling environment within countries for sustainable #UHC? #UHCchat #UHCDay
  • Q3: Because #UHC is complex, decision-makers should rely on inclusive and multi-sectoral expertise as they develop solutions to deliver #HealthForAll. How do you think govts, development & #CivilSociety partners, the private sector, and #communities should cooperate? #UHCchat
  • Q4: This year’s #UHCDay theme is “Unite for Universal Health Coverage: Now is the time for collective action.” How can #CivilSociety hold governments & policymakers accountable to implement policies that advance #UHC? #UHCchat
  • Q5: Let’s talk #communities. If we are here to #Unite4UHC, what approaches work best to amplify community voices for #UHC, especially people from traditionally marginalized and vulnerable groups? #UHCchat
  • Q6: The global #UHC movement builds momentum upon specific action in countries and communities around the world. What examples of local action have you seen as effective drivers of #HealthForAll? #UHCchat
  • Q7: How can we #Unite4UHC by engaging partners outside of the #HealthSystem to advance #UHC policies and #HealthForAll? #UHCchat
  • Q8: What do you think is the biggest challenge countries face to implement #UHC policies by 2030? #UHCchat #HealthForAll

Sample Tweets

  • Join @UHC2030, @CSOs4UHC, @JLN4UHC, @MSHHealthImpact, & @UHC_Day for a #UHCchat, Wednesday 12/12 at 9am EST #HealthForAll
  • Join us on Wednesday December 12 at 9am EST for our #UHCchat as we discuss specific actions, approaches & challenges to reach #HealthForAll:
    Tags: @MSHHealthImpact, @JLN4UHC, @UHC2030
  • Join our #UHCchat next week on Wednesday December 12 at 9am EST as we discuss specific actions, approaches & challenges for #UHC:
    Tags: @MSHHealthImpact, @JLN4UHC, @UHC2030 
  • We’re joining the #UHCchat on Wednesday, December 12, at 9am EST, to discuss #HealthForAll on #UHCDay. Will you?
    Tags: @UHC2030, @CSOs4UHC, @JLN4UHC, @MSHHealthImpact, @UHC_Day

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