WHO Global Learning Laboratory-Joint Learning Network Webinar

Tuesday 11/21/17 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Location: Virtual

The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) and the WHO Global Learning Laboratory for Quality  Universal Health Coverage (GLL) have emerged as two prominent platforms connecting individuals worldwide to exchange expertise and accelerate progress toward UHC through joint learning and engagement with multiple stakeholders. 

As two platforms with similar approaches and goals, the JLN and GLL are working to identify potential collaborations, leverage each other's networks, and cross-fertilize thinking. 

About the Webinar
The GLL-JLN webinar will introduce JLN members to the GLL platform and community and aim to:

  • Explain the rationale behind the GLL for quality UHC
  • Describe the structure of the GLL for quality UHC
  • Orient JLN members on the functionality of the GLL
  • Collectively explore areas for collaboration between the two learning agendas
  • Highlight how JLN member countries can get involved in and benefit from the GLL

How to Join
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