49 more mohalla clinics opened Mar 21, 2017

NEW DELHI: Health minister Satyendar Jain on Tuesday inaugurated a polyclinic, a primary health centre where specialists are available for consultation, and 49 mohallaclinics.

Jain said the government plans to start 150 polyclinics and 1,000 mohalla clinics by the year-end. "We are also adding more beds to existing hospitals. For example, Bhagvan Mahavir hospital, which has 200 beds at present, is going to have 600 more beds," Jain said at Rani Bagh.
The construction of mohalla clinics and polyclinics is part of the AAP government's project to create a three-tier health system in Delhi, said officials. While the mohalla clinics are meant for primary care, the polyclinics are supposed to provide consultation for serious health issues. Read more.