Africa’s Demographic Transition : Dividend or Disaster? Jan 26, 2016

Africa’s Demographic Transition : Dividend or Disaster?

The implementation of universal health coverage is a priority for global health policymakers, however one element that has received less attention than it merits is the impact of the demographic transition on both resources and service delivery.

The new report, Africa’s Demographic Transition: Dividend or Disaster?, addresses that gap by taking a population-centric approach towards achieving UHC.  Indeed the pursuit of UHC is a multisectoral challenge that encompasses education, labor markets, gender, economics and the epidemiological transition, to name just a few. The following blogs, video, and podcast from a range of authors provide a rich backdrop of contextual factors that will determine successful implementation of UHC:

The need to capitalize on the demographic transition while populations are still relatively young is urgent as it will determine the labor force of the future. Unhealthy aging will create tremendous costs and pressures on scarce resources that are already stretched thin in many of these countries. Please help expand awareness of the demographic transition by sharing the blogs above with your wider communities to cover all bases in our goal of reaching UHC.