An expanding JLN and an evolving joint learning network model Apr 06, 2017

An expanding JLN and an evolving joint learning network model

Country membership to the JLN is not passive. It mandates the commitment and buy-in by countries’ policy-makers and practitioners alike to engage in a learning process to drive reforms in their countries toward universal health coverage (UHC).

In the past six months, nine member countries stepped up their commitment to deeply engage in JLN’s joint learning.  Bahrain, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mexico, Mongolia, Senegal, South Korea and Sudan established formalized Country Core Groups (CCGs). (Learn more about CCGs)

As more health systems shift toward prioritizing UHC, a growing number of countries have shown interest in joining the JLN. And with that, CCGs become increasingly essential to the joint learning process and the sustainability of the JLN, as the network expands and moves toward decentralization.  

CCGs are in-country stakeholder groups convening representatives from key institutions supporting a country’s UHC efforts. A requirement for gaining full membership, CCGs’s role is serving many essential functions for effective learning at the country level:

  • Disseminating JLN knowledge products for country-specific learning and adaptation;
  • Communicating country priorities to the JLN community; and
  • Designating representatives to participate in joint learning activities.

In JLN’s evolving model for joint learning network, CCGs could be seen as the backbone of the JLN: enabling and guiding country member engagement with the network, while providing for core mechanism for coordinating amongst national and local UHC change-makers on learning activities. 

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