Can earmarking mobilize funds for the health sector? Jun 29, 2016

What do we really know about earmarking for health?

There are many arguments for and against earmarking, but most often, these arguments are grounded in theory rather than practical experience. While more than 80 countries earmark for health, very little empirical evidence has been collected and applied to the debate.|

To bring an impartial eye to this issue, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Results for Development (R4D) are developing a catalogue of country experience to create a one-stop resource on the types of earmarks countries around the global are using to finance health sector priorities. To ensure that the databse is as accurate as possible, WHO and R4D are seeking input from the global community.  Do you know of any country earmarking experiences that are missing from the database? Do you have details about how these earmarks are working? Let us know! Take 5 minutes to share your experience using this quick survey.

Your feedback will be incorporated into the database and shared with members of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage and the global community, helping to provide practical experience on how we can make earmarking policies more effective.