Economic survey: 6800 new doctors, nurses recruited in 2014-15 Jun 11, 2015

Economic survey: 6800 new doctors, nurses recruited in 2014-15

The government has recruited 3500 new doctors, 350 dentists, 3300 nurses, 4500 paramedics and 450 traditional birth attendants during 2014-15.

According to a Pakistan Economic Survey report 2014-15 released here on Thursday, the total numbers of TB cases are 63470, whereas the absolute number of cases is 211500 up to the third quarter of 2014 and the treatment success rate remained 91%.

Till date 4500 HIV positive cases have been reported to the National and Provincial AIDS Control Programs. Under the preventive program, about six million children were targeted to be immunized and 20 million packets of ORS were to be distributed during 2014-15.

The federal government is in the process of launching a Prime Minister's National Health Insurance Program to improve the health status of the population in the country by ensuring access to quality health care.

In Phase-I, the project would cover 3.3 million families in 23 districts at national level followed by another 3.3 million families in 23 districts in Phase-II followed by universal coverage in all districts of Pakistan of 189.00 million population in 22 million families.

The scheme would cover secondary healthcare including daycare and maternity services. Priority treatment included cardio vascular diseases,diabetes, burns, road traffic accidents, renal diseases and dialysis, TB, hepatitis, treatment of HIV chronic liver diseases, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical oncology.

The survey report said more than 100,000 Lady Health Workers (LHWs) were recruited. The total population covered under this program spread over 60% in Balochistan to more than 80% in Punjab.

LHWs services have visible impact on the health status of women and children in particular through improved hygiene birth spacing, iron supplementation, greater immunization coverage and through ante-natal and post-natal coverage of the pregnant women, the report said.

It said TB Control Program has achieved over 80% Directly Observed Treatment System (DOTS) coverage in public sector and in the last five years the programme has provided care to more than half a million TB patients in Pakistan.

A long awaited Safe Blood Transfusion project with the technical cooperation of GIZ and KfW has been revived and is in the implementation process in all four provinces that will bring down the incidence of hepatitis in the country.

The repeated polio immunization indicates that the programme is going in right direction and the situation has improved a lot. World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with Government of Pakistan is trying to ensure vaccination of all children below five years of age.

The report said that Universal Salt Iodization (USI) program has been expanded up to 110 districts throughout the country with necessary Quality Management System (QMS) and sustainability of potassium iodate through private sector.

It said an amount of Rs.20.48 billion was provided to health sector in Federal PSDP 2014-15. Currently Pakistan is spending 0.42 percent of its GDP on health care services.

At present, there are 118041 hospital beds in the country which give a population-bed ratio of 1593. The number of registered doctors are 175223 whereas the number of dentists available in the country is 15106 while the number of nurses and qualified health visitors are 90276 and 15325.

The number of hospitals is 1142 while dispensaries and other outlets are 5499. - APP