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Universal Health Coverage: Protecting the Most Vulnerable

by Doug Trapp and Megan Meline, Abt Associates

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How to improve health services

by The Citizen Tanzania

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Could a new law revolutionize Sudan’s health care system?

by Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed and Ankita Panda

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No universal health coverage without learning

by Bruno Meessen, Houcine El Akhnif & Allison Gamble Kelley

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Public and private pathways toward universal health coverage

by Jeanna Holtz and Catherine Connor, Abt Associates

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2015: A Look Back, A Look Forward

by Tim Evans, World Bank

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Country Core Groups

Find all resources related to creating a Country Core Group.

3 Articles

Data Analytics

Effectively use data to inform decision-making.

9 Articles

Delivery System Reform

Implement delivery system reforms to improve access.

21 Articles


The practice of targeting new or existing streams of revenue for health systems, programs, priorities,

2 Articles


How do we ensure equity?

17 Articles

Health Workforce

Mobilizing human resources to support universal health coverage.

29 Articles

Improving Quality

New knowledge and tools to address issues of quality in national health schemes.

72 Articles

JLN Steering Group

Find past resources relating to the JLN Steering Group.

2 Articles

Knowledge Management

Identifying, documenting and disseminating knowledge to support progress towards universal coverage.

5 Articles

Leadership and Governance

Plans and policies, effective oversight, regulation, motivation, and partnerships for integrated health systems.

12 Articles

Management Information Systems

Data and information exchange is fundamental to running a successful healthcare system.

15 Articles

Member Resources

Find current resources for JLN members.

1 Articles

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring progress and evaluating results are key functions to improve the operations of health systems.

7 Articles


Technical and policy guidance for health systems reforms.

39 Articles

Pooling Funds

Revenue collection is how health systems raise money.

9 Articles

Post-2015/Sustainable Development

Information related to the post-2015 development agenda.

10 Articles

Primary Health Care

Resources related to primary health care as the path to achieving universal health coverage.

52 Articles

Priority-setting and Benefits Design

Priority-setting tools to support benefits design.

17 Articles

Provider Payment Mechanisms

Resources to help design appropriate provider payment systems.

28 Articles

Public-Private Partnership and Engagement

The private sector complements and reinforces the services delivered by the public sector.

40 Articles

Reaching Target Populations

Equitably expanding health coverage to the poor and near-poor, and other disadvantaged or underserved groups.

45 Articles

Revenue Mobilization

Resource mobilization for health systems and interventions from domestic resources.

16 Articles

Strategic Communications

Effective communications plans help educate key stakeholders, build buy-in among different actors, and ensure transparency.

11 Articles

Strategic Purchasing

Strategic purchasing aims to increase health system performance through the effective allocation of financial resources.

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