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No Shortcuts, Only a Long Journey to UHC

By JLN Network Coordinator
April 9, 2018 Thumbnail
For 70 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has focused its efforts to draw attention to and cure the world of debilitating diseases and maladies, from polio and smallpox to depression and diabetes. This year, the WHO has directed the world’s attention to a more fundamental and basic human right…[ Read More ]

JLN Kenya to Align with National UHC Agenda

By Dr. Kenneth Munge; Joseph Githinji; Esther Wabuge, JLN Kenya CCG Coordinator
March 30, 2018 Thumbnail
Kenya has marked 2018 with a national drive to realize universal health coverage (UHC). President Uhuru Kenyatta’s economic development agenda, unveiled last year at his inaugural re-election speech, includes UHC among “The Big Four” – the four major focus areas the government will prioritize over the next five years. The…[ Read More ]

Kenya Hosts JLN Meetings on Health Financing

By Dr. Kenneth Munge; Joseph Githinji; Esther Wabuge, JLN Kenya CCG Coordinator
March 27, 2018 Thumbnail
In February 2018, Kenya, along with teams from the World Bank and the Center for Global Development, hosted two JLN learning exchanges in Nairobi as part of the network’s Revisiting Health Financing technical initiative. The learning exchanges on Fiscal Policy for Public Health and Leveraging Existing Resources for Efficiency (the…[ Read More ]

Leveraging Health Data to Inform Policy Change

By JLN Network Coordinator
March 16, 2018
In a world inundated with information, health systems practitioners increasingly face the challenge of persuading policymakers to use health data in their policy decisions. Yet for countries on the path to strengthening their health systems with limited budgets, health expenditure data can serve as a vital input for diagnosing systems…[ Read More ]

Taxes for Better Health: Making the Case in the Joint Learning Network

By Patricio V. Marquez, Somil Nagpal, and Lydia Ndebele; The World Bank
March 14, 2018
Adam Smith, the 18th-century social philosopher and political economist renowned as the father of modern economics, observed in his seminal work, The Wealth of Nations, that “sugar, rum, and tobacco are commodities which are nowhere necessaries of life, [but] which are ... objects of almost universal consumption, and which are…[ Read More ]
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Devex: 5 Ways to Make Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage

By Rozita Halina Tun Hussein, Amanda Folsom, Dr. Somil Nagpal
December 12, 2017 Thumbnail
[This opinion piece was originally published on In this op-ed, JLN Convener Rozita Halina Tun Hussein, World Bank Health Specialist Somil Nagpal, and JLN Network Coordinator Lead Amanda Folsom share five key insights that JLN member countries have learned about making universal health coverage a reality in their respective…

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A New Toolkit for Medical Audit Practitioners: Ensuring Quality Across Health Systems

By Bhavesh Jain, ACCESS Health International
December 1, 2017 Thumbnail
Medical audit systems are crucial to improving the quality of patient care and making efficiency gains in health care systems. But many countries struggle with the complexities of establishing or strengthening their medical audit schemes. The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN), in collaboration with South Korea’s Health…

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Five Country Insights on Using Data for Improvement in Primary Health Care

By Dr. Kamaliah Mohamad Noh, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences and Chloe Lanzara, Results for Development
November 8, 2017 Thumbnail
The 30 practitioners from 13 countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia who gathered in Hanoi, Vietnam this September convened in the pursuit of a shared goal: achieving universal health coverage for their country’s citizens through strengthening their primary health care systems. Primary health care (PHC) is foundational to creating…

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World Leaders Reiterate their Commitment to UHC at the 72nd UNGA

By JLN Network Coordinator
September 20, 2017
International efforts to advance universal health coverage (UHC) has made great progress over the last decade. But the journey has just begun and the success is vulnerable. Keeping the political momentum alive in countries, along with sustained investment from donor countries and international organizations and action from civil society organizations…

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Applying Learnings Back Home: Medical Audits Collaborative

By Gilda Diaz, OIC-Vice President, Quality Assurance Group, PhilHealth, Philippines
September 5, 2017
The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, PhilHealth, had developed a healthcare provider performance assessment system (HCPPAS) at around the same time that the Joint Learning Network’s (JLN’s) Medical Audits learning collaborative was launched. The new PhilHealth system was designed to enforce performance standards among healthcare providers across regions of the country.…

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From Learning to Implementation: Making Progress on Financing and Payment Models

By Henok Yemane, Results for Development and Tsolmon Tsilaajav, Mongolia Ministry of Health
November 8, 2017 Thumbnail
A core challenge that most countries face as they work toward universal health coverage (UHC) is how to pay for services to ensure effective coverage and promote quality while maintaining financial sustainability. Financing and payment systems for primary health care (PHC) can serve as important instruments, enabling factors, and entry…

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New Collaborative Launched on People-Centered Integrated Care

By Lina Stolyar, Ariadne Labs
November 1, 2017 Thumbnail
The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage launched the new People-Centered Integrated Care (PCIC) Service Delivery collaborative this past October 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam. People-Centered Integrated Care aims to improve the effectiveness of health service delivery—a key component of universal health coverage (UHC)—and to rebalance the care delivery system…

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Creating Digital Tools to Augment Practitioner-to-Practitioner Learning

By Lydia Ndebele, World Bank; Sinit Mehtsun, R4D; Cheryl Cashin, R4D; Somil Nagpal, World Bank
October 12, 2017 Thumbnail
The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) witnessed yet another milestone in its focus on joint learning for UHC on October 13, 2017, in Hanoi, Vietnam. In partnership with the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus (OLC), the network has launched an e-Module for Costing of Health Services, a…

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Nigeria Announces Subnational JLN for Universal Health Coverage

By JLN Network Coordinator
August 11, 2017 Thumbnail
The Government of Nigeria is extending the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage sub-nationally to assist its states in addressing the challenges in implementing health care financing reforms. Using the model of practitioner-to-practitioner learning of the global JLN, the network will connect practitioners and policymakers across states and between…

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JLN Community Mourns Senegal UHC Champion Cheikh Mbengue

By JLN Network Coordinator
July 26, 2017 Thumbnail
The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) is deeply saddened by the loss of Cheikh Mbengue, Director General of Senegal's Universal Health Coverage Agency and tireless advocate for universal health coverage (UHC) in Senegal and around the world. Mr. Mbengue was an integral part of Senegal's representation within JLN; spearheading…

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