IMANI Alert: 2009-12 budget analyses advise a review of healthcare spending Sep 14, 2015

IMANI Alert: 2009-12 budget analyses advise a review of healthcare spending

Starr 103.5 FM recently published an in-depth article analyzing Ghana's trends in policy and expenditure towards achieving improved health outcomes. Ghana has achieved significant progress in delivering health care to its poor and vulnerable populations, with the national health insurance scheme (NHIS) continually increasing its membership. Still, the author of this article argues that there is much to do in terms of enhancing equity in access of health services, improving quality of services, and ensuring that all crucial health care is adequately reaching the poor. 

"In order to improve healthcare, most nations embark on the provision of health facilities, training of health personnel and the acquisition of essential drugs. All other things being equal, the availability as well as the quality of these facilities and services ultimately determines the quality of health in a nation.

Health care spending is therefore very critical in every effort aimed at improving the health status of every nation. The desire to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) is a noble one, but it is argued that this objective in particular lacks operational content within the economic context of scarcity and the necessity for choice among equally desirable objectives outside the health sector (Vogel cited in Muazu 2013)." 

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