Joint Learning Network Pilots Survey Tool in Indonesia Nov 11, 2014

Joint Learning Network Pilots Survey Tool in Indonesia

The Joint Learning Network Primary Health Care technical initiative recently developed a self-assessment survey tool that will investigate potential mis-alignments between national health financing mechanisms and primary health care programs, and spark dialogue for how to address them.

JLN partners in Indonesia, Dr. Naniek Isnaini and Dr. Adi Soerjo, piloted this tool with multiple stakeholders in Tangerang District and Bandar Lampung, from October 14-17. The tool has demonstrated some preliminary findings on mis-alignments which were immediately shared at the Ministry of Health among several national agencies. Concrete next steps to address these mis-alignments have been identified, and plans to improve the survey tool and continue piloting across other more diverse districts and regions are currently ongoing. The survey tool and the experience piloting will also be showcased in the near future at a national UHC seminar in Yogyakarta.