Nigeria Announces Subnational JLN for Universal Health Coverage Aug 11, 2017

Nigeria Announces Subnational JLN for Universal Health Coverage

The Government of Nigeria is extending the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage sub-nationally to assist its states in addressing the challenges in implementing health care financing reforms.

Using the model of practitioner-to-practitioner learning of the global JLN, the network will connect practitioners and policymakers across states and between the state and federal levels to drive knowledge exchange, needed for the success of reforms across the country.

From July 27-28, 2017, representatives from federal and ten state governments convened a start-up workshop in Abuja, hosted by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health through the JLN’s Nigeria Country Core Group.  

The Government of Nigeria, including the Federal Ministry of Health, National Primary Health Care Development Agency and National Health Insurance Scheme, has initiated the subnational JLN against the backdrop of Nigeria’s National Health Act of 2014, which presents the nation with a key opportunity to reform its health system and implement more equitable and efficient health care financing on the path to universal health coverage (UHC). Through the network, the federal government aims to support states in effectively implementing the health care financing reforms.   

The two-day workshop in Abuja focused on:

  • Co-design of the subnational JLN by state and federal leaders, including taking stock of health care financing reform progress across states; and
  • Defining the objectives of the network and identifying priority technical topics around which to develop learning activities and mechanisms for ongoing engagement.

Mirroring the global JLN, the network plans to concentrate on joint learning and creating a platform for connecting practitioners and policymakers to enable learning exchanges and knowledge co-production at the state level in support of the health care financing reform. The network will launch in fall 2017, with Nigeria’s 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory eligible to participate in 2-3 technical collaboratives. State participation will be determined through an Expression of Interest process.

The subnational JLN builds on Nigeria’s participation in the global JLN since 2011, including its active participation as part of JLN’s Steering Group and in the co-production of global knowledge products for UHC.

The subnational JLN is co-supported by USAID’s Health Finance and Governance Project and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in partnership with the World Bank.