PHC workshop to foster joint collaboration & knowledge sharing around new self-assessment tool Nov 24, 2014

PHC workshop to foster joint collaboration & knowledge sharing around new self-assessment tool

The JLN Primary Health Care (PHC) initiative is excited to host its second working group meeting, from December 3rd to 5th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The meeting, hosted by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, will convene approximately 30 participants to share their countries’ experiences piloting the JLN’s UHC-PHC self-assessment tool (more information available below), and develop ideas for future work under the PHC Initiative to be conducted through October 2015.

The UHC-PHC self-assessment tool, developed through JLN country input, is a multi-stakeholder survey assessing countries’ UHC-PHC alignment. More specifically, the self-assessment tool is intended to (1) help countries document and assess how their health insurance or financial coverage institutions interact with other primary health care actors and programs, and (2) identify opportunities the national or state health financing agency (HFA) has to improve its alignment with PHC goals.

At the last PHC working group meeting in Manila, Philippines, four countries volunteered to be the first to pilot and test the self-assessment tool, including Ghana (in Upper East Region), India (in Kerala and Tamil Nadu states), Indonesia (in Tangerang District and Bandar Lampung city), and Malaysia (nationally). JLN PHC technical facilitators have worked with the countries to tailor and assist countries in implementation, and countries are now beginning to share their results with the technical facilitators.

In one week, the early adopters will present their country experiences using the tool, and share opportunities identified through piloting results to improve their countries’ PHC-UHC systems. More broadly, key individuals involved in piloting will be joined by JLN PHC Technical Initiative representatives from each country, host country participants, and JLN partners, to carry out the following workshop activities:

  • Discuss country experiences implementing the JLN UHC-PHC self-assessment tool in Ghana (Upper East Region), India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu states), Indonesia (Tangerang district and Bandar Lampung city), and Malaysia (nationally);
  • Articulate strategies for addressing areas of misalignment between national health financing mechanisms and primary health care goals and initiatives based on Tool findings;
  • Agree on future plans for the self-assessment tool ;
  • Learn about Malaysia’s primary health care system through site visits to a district health facility;
  • Develop plans for future JLN PHC Initiative activities.