Tapping JLN expertise to improve access and the quality of health services in Kosovo Jun 22, 2015

Tapping JLN expertise to improve access and the quality of health services in Kosovo

The Ministry of Health of Kosovo and the World Bank have tapped the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) to help organize a two-day joint learning workshop to inform the launch of universal health coverage (UHC) reforms in Kosovo. The proposed meeting to be held from June 15 - 16 will convene health insurance practitioners, health officials and international resource persons including JLN members Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby, Director of Claims from Ghana's National Health Insurance Authority, Adolfo Martinez Valle, Director at Mexico's Center for Health Financing and Health Insurance, and Leizel P. Lagrada, former Head Executive Staff at the Office of the Chairman of the Board at PhilHealth in the Philippines to:

  • Share experiences with designing and implementing health insurance reforms, particularly lessons on how to, or not to, prioritize and sequence mandatory health insurance reforms;
  • Discuss strategies for outpatient drug benefit package prioritization and benefit management;
  • Explore options for future knowledge exchange through the Joint Learning Network.

The Republic of Kosovo, a new Associate member to the JLN, has begun a far-reaching set of health reforms with the objective of improving access to and the quality of health services. A key pillar of these reforms is the planned introduction of a hybrid mandatory health insurance scheme in late 2016.   

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