The Global Fund: Where Generosity and Smart Investment Join Forces Nov 01, 2016

The Global Fund: Where Generosity and Smart Investment Join Forces

Last month in Montreal, governments, the private sector, and foundations came together to make a powerful investment for a better world. Most of these investors will never see a direct return on investment to themselves; this venture will pay dividends to families and communities around the world.

The nearly $13 billion pledged to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria is not just a demonstration of generosity. This investment is expected to drive US $290 billion in economic gains. That is $22 for every dollar invested – a rate of return which would delight any investment banker.
Beyond economic gains, US $13 billion is expected to leverage US $41 billion in additional domestic investments for health as countries are required to invest in their own health systems in order to unlock the Global Fund contribution.
But the fruits of this investment go beyond the balance sheet. AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria are three of the world’s most deadly diseases. This funding is estimated to save 8 million lives from AIDS, TB, and malaria over the coming 3 years, bringing total lives saved by the Global Fund partnership to 30 million-32 million by 2020. Read more.

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