The JLN Announces New Steering Group Leadership Jun 19, 2018

The JLN Announces New Steering Group Leadership

The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) is pleased to announce its new convener as Modupe Ogundimu, General Manager of Contribution Management at Nigeria’s National Health Insurance Scheme.

Ms. Ogundimu has been a distinguished member of the JLN since 2011 and has acted as the network’s co-convener since 2015. Ms. Ogundimu succeeds Dr. Rozita Halina Tun Hussein, Senior Deputy Director of the Planning Division within the Malaysia Ministry of Health, who has served as the JLN convener since July 2015.

Ms. Ogundimu has been integral to Nigeria’s journey toward universal health coverage (UHC) through her diverse roles at the National Health Insurance Scheme in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Standards and Quality Assurance Programmes. Ms. Ogundimu has not only actively engaged with other countries through joint learning but has also been instrumental in shaping the JLN’s strategy for the next five years through her work with the Steering Group, uniquely positioning her to lead the network into its next phase.

“I am deeply honored to serve as JLN convener and continue the dedicated leadership of our outgoing convener. The JLN will play a key role in strengthening the network in member countries and increasing collaboration and networking among country agencies. At the global level, we will continue working toward synergies, alliances, and cooperation as we tenaciously pursue UHC as a global public good,” stated Ms. Ogundimu, as she shared her vision for the network.

“JLN’s contribution to countries like Nigeria has helped them to leverage the experience of others through joint learning and knowledge sharing to tackle and overcome challenges faced, in the pursuit of UHC,” said Ms. Ogundimu, as she considered the importance of the JLN for countries on the journey toward UHC. 

The JLN has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2010, with a marked expansion over the last three years. Driven by country interest in joint learning to address practical UHC challenges, the network has evolved into a deeply engaged community of 30 member countries – an achievement that defines the term of JLN’s outgoing convener, Dr. Rozita Halina Tun Hussein. The JLN is grateful for Dr. Rozita’s leadership and her contributions to championing the network globally.

“It has been a very interesting journey with the growth of the JLN. The progress would not have been possible without the effective leadership of each of the member countries, whose active participation has fueled the network and made it a rewarding experience for all,” said Dr. Rozita Halina Tun Hussein, reflecting on her term and the network’s milestones.

New Co-Conveners from Ghana and Mexico
The JLN is also pleased to announce the two new co-conveners elected by the Steering Group: Dr. Adolfo Martinez Valle, Director General of Performance Evaluation at the Ministry of Health in Mexico, and Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby, Deputy Chief Executive of Operations at the National Health Insurance Authority in Ghana.

Both newly elected co-conveners have served on the Steering Group for the past year, working closely with their colleagues to ensure effective governance of the network, while lending dynamic leadership in their countries toward achieving UHC.

Dr. Martinez Valle’s career spans public health research and policy in Mexico, with contributions to the implementation of Seguro Popular, a national health insurance scheme for the population not covered by social security, and the design of reforms for the country’s health system.

Dr. Dsane-Selby, a medical doctor by profession, has contributed to several key innovations to improve financial sustainability and quality for Ghana’s health system, such as the introduction of clinical audits and e-claims with business rules.

The JLN also recognizes the contributions of Dr. Khuong Anh Tuan from the Health Strategy and Policy Institute in Vietnam, who served as co-convener with Ms. Ogundimu for the last two years, shaping the direction of the network during a period of rapid expansion. Dr. Tuan’s commitment to the JLN has played a significant role in fostering the community and the legacy of inclusiveness and joint problem-solving that members benefit from today.

Ms. Ogundimu, Dr. Martinez-Valle, and Dr. Dsane-Selby – with support from the entire Steering Group – bring a new lease of vibrancy to the network as they guide the JLN’s strategic direction and growth into its next phase.