USAID hosts peer-to-peer learning workshop on financial protection Feb 16, 2016

USAID hosts peer-to-peer learning workshop on financial protection

194 representatives from Ministries of Finance and Planning, Health, Insurance agencies and USAID field office staff from nine countries gathered in Accra, Ghana for the Financial Protection and Improved Access to Health Care Peer-to-Peer Learning Workshop: Finding Solutions to Common Challenges.  

Participants used the week to explore issues related to health insurance and tax financed public health systems with the goal of reaching universal health coverage.

Drawing on the principles of joint learning, participants explored financial protection and equity, and discussed theory and practical approaches to revenue mobilization and expenditure management (the “two sides of the coin”) to support the achievement of financial protection, equity, and sustainability goals.

Representatives from Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda will participate in the Peer-to-Peer Learning Workshop.

This workshop helped translate broad and complex topics of UHC into practical, learnable content that fits the peer learning methodology as depicted in the chart below:

At the end of the workshop conference organizers from BGH, USAID Health Finance and Governance Project, the Joint Learning Network, and participants along with USAID Africa Region and USAID Ghana gained a deeper understanding of the practical health financing concepts and promising solutions to common challenges, focusing on how to grow and use financial resources to increase financial protection, improve equitable access to priority health services, and achieve financial sustainability in a UHC context. 

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