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Member country representatives from Tamil Nadu State, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam are co-developing a guide designed to help implementers—such as policymakers, practitioners, development agencies, and research institutes—with practical guidance for engaging the private sector to deliver primary health services to achieve universal health coverage.

To date, health care policies in most developing countries have largely focused on developing government owned and operated health facilities. At the same time, consumers are increasingly using private sector services either because they are more geographically accessible or because the believe that they services are of better quality, despite the need to make out-of-pocket payments.

On the whole, members have identified that the public and private sectors in most countries are often working in parallel with minimal linkages or collaboration between the two sectors to provide primary health care. Modules in this manual will include a series of steps that implementers can take to engage and partner with the private sector, why each step is important, and how to implement the step where possible supported by real-world cases and documentation.

Technical Facilitators

Cicely Thomas

Nathan Blanchet

Aaron Pervin

Daniela Gutierrez

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