Earmarking for Health Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect information on additional countries who earmark for health, as well as to validate details on those countries currently included in the database presented on the JLN website. We thank you for your responses in advance!

Background: Earmarking revenue is one mechanism that countries use to increase fiscal space and mobilize resources for the health sector.  While there is vast country experience with earmarking, and many types of earmarks that can be used, there is little practical evidence or documentation of these experiences. 

Building on the experiences of the JLN, the Results for Development Institute is collaborating with the World Health Organization to collect and synthesize qualitative country experience in a structured way, so practical lessons can be synthesized and used by all countries. These experiences will be regularly documented through a living and interactive database. Users are encouraged to submit updates and additions to the database.  

In an effort to build on the database and keep the information up-to-date, R4D and WHO developed this survey for users to provide additional information on countries who earmark for health.

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