Case Studies on Payment Innovation for Primary Health Care

In health systems, shifting the balance toward primary health care (PHC) requires effective financing and payment models that prioritize PHC and create the right incentives at all levels of the health system for the provision of high-quality care. 

Many countries, including JLN member countries, have tried a wide variety of approaches and models for PHC financing and payment, but few of those experiences have been evaluated and their lessons often go undocumented. The JLN/GIZ Case Studies on Payment Innovation for Primary Health Care aim to fill this gap by sharing the experiences of Argentina, Chile and Indonesia with their PHC payment approach so that peer countries can extract lessons about implementing innovative payment models for PHC. 

Each case study describes the context, objectives, and governance structure of the PHC payment innovation, the design of the payment model, and how effectively the payment innovations have achieved their objectives. 

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