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Primary Health Care (PHC) Measurement for Improvement Indicator Inventory

The Primary Health Care (PHC) Measurement for Improvement Collaborative was launched in partnership with the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) in April 2016, with the goal of developing practical tools and approaches to improve country-level measurement of PHC performance, address priority measurement gaps, and develop strategies for better utilization

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JLN Branding Document

This document provides an overview of the branding guidelines to be followed on any JLN product.


JLN Publications Guideline

This document provides an overview of the guidelines to be followed when publishing work through the JLN.


The Lancet Series: Maternal Health 2016

Each year, about 210 million women become pregnant and about 140 million newborn babies are delivered. The sheer scale of maternal health issues makes maternal well being and survival vital concerns. A decade after The Lancet published a Series on maternal survival, a new Series of six papers brings our knowledge of maternal health, its epidemiology, successes, and current failings together, and at a crucial time within the sustainable development framework to 2030. The Series concludes with a call to action setting out five key targets which need to be met to ensure the progression of broader sustainable development goals (SDGs).


Health Systems Evidence

Comprehensive, searchable, free database for health systems evidence. 


Knowledge Management: Strengthening Health Services, Saving Lives

Learn how to be more intentional and systematic in knowledge management practices.