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Governing Quality in Health Care on the Path to Universal Health Coverage

As countries work to promote and achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), maintaining and improving quality in health care is emerging as a priority. While research has been conducted on service delivery and financing schemes for UHC, little consolidated knowledge or guidance is available on institutional arrangements and their impact on


Health Financing Working Paper No 1 - Spending Targets for Health: No Magic Number

This paper provides evidence which supports the message that all countries can make progress towards UHC, including those with very low levels of public spending on health. 


UHC in Africa: A Framework for Action

There is immense diversity found in African countries but most of these countries face similar challenges. In UHC in Africa: A Framework for Action, contributors to change in the UHC process discuss progress and challenges encountered and provide a framework for action on topics such as financing, governance


Health Systems Evidence

Comprehensive, searchable, free database for health systems evidence. 


African Health Economics and Policy Association

AfHEA works towards improved health outcomes by promoting high quality within the discipline of health economics and financing.


Malaysia Participates in a Study Tour to Taiwan

Study visit report from Malaysia's study visit to Taiwan


Indonesia Study’s the Role of Local Government in Reforms to Achieve UHC

Indonesia participated in study tour to the Philippines organized by The PhilHealth Training Institute with support from the JLN


Final Report from Accreditation as an Engine for Healthcare Improvement Workshop

Dr. Narayana Swamy B.T, Deputy Director, SAST participated in a Quality Technical Initiative Workshop in Thailand in April 2013.


The Path to Universal Health Coverage in Kenya: Repositioning the role of the NHIF

This brief is a part of the IFC's Smart Lessons Series. The document outlines the World Bank's work with Kenya's NHIF to develop a reform agenda and advise on a strategic review of the organization.


Asia Pacific Observatory Bangladesh Health Systems Review

The health system of Bangladesh has undergone a number of reforms and has established an extensive health service infrastructure in both the public and private sectors during the past four decades. This report by the Asia Pacific Observatory finds that there is an urgent need for more investment of


Cobertura universal de salud en Latinoamérica

Según la OMS, la cobertura universal de salud (CUS) garantiza que todas las personas puedan utilizar los servicios de salud que necesiten sin penurias financieras. Hoy día, esta cobertura constituye un objetivo primordial de la OMS y también de buen número de


Bangladesh’s Universal Health Coverage Fact File

This short document provides general background and insight into Bangladesh's universal health coverage history, reform, and vision.


Health Care Financing Strategy: Towards Universal Health Coverage

This slide deck provides an overview of Bangladesh's Health Care Financing Strategy. The presentation addresses Bangladesh's health reform to-date, challenges faced, and its vision to achieve universal health coverage.


Ghana, The Rising Star: Progress in Political Voice, Health and Education

Ghana has achieved remarkable progress in human development over the past 20 years while undergoing one of the most successful transitions to multi-party democracy in sub-Saharan Africa. As such, it provides a compelling example to explore the factors that have contributed to progress in both the provision of basic services


Universal Health Coverage in the Southeast Asia Region

This special issue of the WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health on universal health coverage (UHC) documents original research, as well as country experience, analysing these for broader application. Importantly, most studies have been developed in collaboration with ministries of health, in a direct effort to inform policy decision