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Impacts of Universal Health Coverage: Financing, Income Inequality, and Social Welfare

Universal health care coverage financed by labor income tax revenue can reduce income inequality.


High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth

In support of the Commission’s work, an Expert Group, was convened to critically review the available evidence. Against a context of high and often growing inequalities and persistently high global unemployment; the Expert Group finds that effective investments in the health workforce could generate enormous improvements in health, well-being and human security, as well as decent jobs and inclusive economic growth.


The Lancet Series: Maternal Health 2016

Each year, about 210 million women become pregnant and about 140 million newborn babies are delivered. The sheer scale of maternal health issues makes maternal well being and survival vital concerns. A decade after The Lancet published a Series on maternal survival, a new Series of six papers brings our knowledge of maternal health, its epidemiology, successes, and current failings together, and at a crucial time within the sustainable development framework to 2030. The Series concludes with a call to action setting out five key targets which need to be met to ensure the progression of broader sustainable development goals (SDGs).


Understanding Health Research: A Tool for Making Sense of Health Studies

Understanding Health Research is a tool designed to help people understand and review published health research to decide how dependable and relevant a piece of research is. The tool guides users through a series of questions to ask about specific types of health research, and helps users to understand what


Factors affecting uptake of voluntary and CBHI in low and middle-income countries

This systematic review is aimed at analyzing and reporting empirical evidence on voluntary uptake in CBHI schemes in low- and middle- income countries, and identifying factors that influence such uptake and renewal.


Universal Healthcare Coverage in Indonesia: One Year On

One year on, while teething problems exists, some progress has been made as Indonesia grapples with the enormous tasks to achieve universal coverage. This report provides our perspective one year on, offering the reader with some level of clarity on where progresses are being made and more importantly, highlighting the


The Impact of Universal Coverage Schemes in the Developing World

The review indicates that UHC interventions in low- and middle-income countries improve access to health care. It also shows, though less convincingly, that UHC often has a positive effect on financial protection, and that, in some cases it seems to have a positive impact on health status. The review also