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Measuring the Performance of Primary Health Care: A Practical Guide for Translating Data into Improvement

Globally, there is growing agreement that primary health care (PHC), with its ability to address up to 90 percent of a population’s diverse health needs, is central to the achievement of UHC.  The JLN Primary Health Care Measurement for Improvement collaborative is a network of delegates


Economics of Tobacco Taxation Toolkit

Developed by the World Bank Group Global Tobacco Control Program, this tobacco taxation toolkit is geared towards helping economists, public health specialists, researchers, and others to analyze the economic and public health issues surrounding tobacco taxation in order that they can provide direct information and recommendations to policymakers, especially in


Toolkit to Develop and Strengthen Medical Audit Systems: Practical Advice from Implementers to Implementers

This toolkit was created to address gaps in practical knowledge by providing guidance on setting up medical audit units, a step-by-step review of claims to identify providers prone to fraud or poor quality of care, conduct investigations, and use the results of the medical audit. The toolkit is currently undergoing


e-Module: Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment Manual

A digital companion course to the JLN Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment manual.   In partnership with the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus, the JLN has developed an online Costing of Health Services course as a digital companion to the JLN product: Costing of


Primary Health Care (PHC) Measurement for Improvement Indicator Inventory

The Primary Health Care (PHC) Measurement for Improvement Collaborative was launched in partnership with the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) in April 2016, with the goal of developing practical tools and approaches to improve country-level measurement of PHC performance, address priority measurement gaps, and develop strategies for better utilization

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Using Data Analytics to Monitor Health Provider Payment Systems

A carefully developed provider payment system can be a powerful instrument for making progress toward universal health coverage. Effectively monitoring this system is an integral part of the process.  Countries can draw on the collective experience presented in this toolkit to create an effective provider payment monitoring


Social Media Tool Kit for Engaging the Private Sector in PHC to achieve UHC (JLN manual)

At this year's global meeting in Malaysia, the JLN launched the first two modules of its newest resource, Engaging the Private Sector in Primary Health Care to Achieve Universal Health Coverage: Advice from Implementers to Implementers. This interactive PDF, co-developed by members of the JLN Primary


e-Learning Course on Health Financing Policy for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

The first e-learning course on health financing policy for universal health coverage has now been launched.


Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health

USAID’s Office of Health Systems commissioned this report from the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project to better understand the effects of health systems strengthening interventions on health status and its proxies (service utilization, quality service provision, uptake of healthy behaviors, and financial protection). 


Earmarking for Health Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect information on additional countries who earmark for health, as well as to validate details on those countries currently included in the database presented on the JLN website. We thank you for your responses in advance! Background: Earmarking revenue is one


Costing Manual: Tools & Templates

Developed by the JLN Costing Collaborative, the Costing Toolkit serves as an accompaniment to the Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment: A Practical Manual. The Manual provides tools and templates (found in the Costing Toolkit) based on the day-to-day experiences of a network of practitioners that


Participation Guide: For Health and Development Communication Programs

This guide provides simple tips and tools to involve affected individuals and groups in the various stages of health and development communication programs.


Stakeholder Engagement Tool

When data is seen as useful, it is more likely to be ‘owned’ by those who need it to inform decision making.


A Field Guide to Designing a Health Communication Strategy

The purpose of this book is to share a set of steps and tools with those in the field to help ensure that behavior change communication efforts are developed strategically— with participation from all stakeholders, clear goals, segmented audiences, and effective messages based on sound research and credible theory.


SCOPE Training Tool & SCOPE Versions

SCOPE™ stands for Strategic Communication Planning and Evaluation and is designed as a training tool used in support of workshops in strategic health communication. It is actually an online representation of the P-Process™. The P-Process™ is a step-by-step road map that leads health professionals from a loosely