World Hospitals and Health Services Journal – UHC Special

As universal health coverage (UHC) gains momentum in more countries, the need for practical information on how to strengthen health systems and expand coverage has emerged as a vital global priority.

The UHC special issue of the World Hospitals and Health Services Journal includes reviews of UHC progress in low- and middle-income countries, analyses of more advanced health systems and the role of hospitals in the UHC movement.

The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) convenes practitioners and policymakers virtually and in-person for intensive learning exchanges on shared technical barriers to UHC. During the process, members co-produce practical tools on the how-to’s of designing and implementing efficient, equitable and sustainable health care systems.

"Solving Universal Health Coverage Challenges through Joint Learning" (pages 31-36) explores how Ghana and the Philippines, two JLN member countries, have leveraged practitioner-to-practitioner learning to address common challenges in their pursuit of UHC.

Source: World Hospitals and Health Services Journal
Date: March 2018

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