The Train the Trainer Curriculum and Training Manual provides guidance to practitioners on organizing and leading a costing capacity building workshop.

The curriculum is divided into five full day sessions; however, the length of days and sessions can be modified as needed. This course outlines theories of adult learning, teaching, and facilitation linked to practical skills building. The participant-centered workshop format uses interactive and experiential activities, including theory sessions for enhancing practical knowledge, group discussion, role plays, skills practice, attitude change, personal and group assessment, tools, country cases, illustrations and sample session designs.

The materials are organized according in to a daily agenda. Each section begins with a general introduction to the topic, background notes, learning objectives, and handouts for the training facilitator. The curriculum indicates the approximate time required to complete each session and the materials and preparation needed. Within each day, the curriculum presents activities such as role plays, discussions, and brainstorming to help participants internalize their learning.

Some of the training techniques used in this curriculum include presentations, activities conducted by the facilitator to convey information, theories, or principles; case study: written descriptions of real-life situations used for analysis and discussion; role play: two or more individuals enacting parts in scenarios related to a training topic; simulations: enactments of real-life situations; small group discussions: participants sharing experiences and ideas and problem solving together; and hands-on application session design: learning technical skills through hands-on training and practice sessions.

As an outcome of this Train the Trainer workshop, it is expected that there is enhanced knowledge and capacity to conduct a customized capacity building training on costing of health services (technical experts including researchers, data managers, health planners, accountants etc.).

Train the Trainer Course Materials

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Technical Facilitation Team

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