The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) is an innovative community of policy-makers and practitioners from around the world engaged in practitioner-to-practitioner learning to address challenges and co-produce practical solutions to implementing reforms toward universal health coverage. 


About the JLN 

The About the JLN brochure presents the JLN's mission, membership, and joint learning approach.


JLN Charter

The JLN Charter documents the guiding principles of the network including JLN goals, governance, the joint learning approach, membership and participation criteria, and the roles of the Steering Group and country core groups.


JLN Strategy Brief 2018-2022

In 2017, JLN country members jointly developed a five-year vision and strategy to achieve their goals and contribute to the global agenda of achieving UHC by 2030. The vision and strategy, developed with inputs from all the network members, will guide the network’s implementation over the next five years (2018-2022).

Bridging Theory with Practice: The How-To's of Universal Health Coverage

This JLN brochure presents the outcomes of the joint learning approach: 18 JLN co-produced toolkits, guides, or case studies are detailed here.


JLN Technical Initiatives and Collaboratives

This leaflet details the collaborative learning activities of the JLN, including the network's six technical initiatives and corresponding collaboratives. 

JLN Progress Report: 2016-2017

The JLN Progress Report shares the JLN community's milestones, stories of country progress, and key updates from the last two years.