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NEWS April 6, 2021

Adaptation and Implementation Case Studies

JLN Network Manager

The use of JLN knowledge products is one clear example of the impact the JLN can have downstream in health systems; by enabling countries to use best-practices from JLN country experience as they work towards long-term health system goals, such as expanding and improving on UHC programs. These case studies profile the use of knowledge products in various settings.

NEWS March 31, 2021

Practitioner Perspectives: A JLN Blog Series

JLN Network Manager

There are many global resources, including datasets, visualizations, and various forms of analysis that can be used to help make the case for DRM for health. However, policymakers also need to know what policy options have or have not worked, under what conditions, and the key drivers for success. Additionally, a deeper understanding of whether efforts around DRM for health were enduring, consequential, and additional over time- as well as impacts on equity, efficiency, and access- is critical to determining whether they are worth pursuing.

NEWS March 29, 2021

Targeted Technical Support: JLN Country Core Group and the Decentralization of Nigeria’s Social Health Insurance

JLN Network Manager

Health financing reform environment in Nigeria. Decades of health system underperformance driven largely by low public expenditure (Table 1) fueled momentum for the 2014 passage of the National Health Act (NHAct)—a legal framework to allocate additional resources for the health sector and define roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in achieving universal health coverage (UHC).

NEWS December 23, 2020

Addressing the Noncommunicable Diseases Burden through Increased Access to Primary Health Care

JLN Network Manager

Each year, approximately 41 million deaths or 71% of all deaths globally can be attributed to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), with three quarters of global NCD deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The epidemiological and demographic transitions that LMICs are facing is resulting in higher incidence of NCDs and more resources being consumed by […]


Leveraging Existing Systems to Respond Effectively to the COVID-19 Pandemic

JLN Network Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a flood of innovation and technological advancements – an unprecedented amount of collaboration has occurred between individuals, communities, and organizations aspiring to curate and scale promising innovations. As vital as it is to forge a new path and to embrace creative solutions, it is as imperative to leverage the foundational […]