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      Supporting the goals of universal healthcare, I come from a background in Technology, working as a Director of User Experience (AKA Usability Testing and Engineering). My primary interest in JLN is to learn more about the successful government programs and technology used to fight the Covid-19 outbreak, e.g. South Korea, Viet Nam, etc. Building upon the foundation of the lessons learned and the lives saved, I’m interested in exploring how we might be able to develop de-centralized Open Source Government models coupled with Blockchain Technology to promote and provide best-in-class global guides for dealing with this pandemic and future pandemics.

      As an American, it’s abundantly clear that we and many other nations could benefit from the collective knowledge and collaborative opportunities that JLN provides. My ultimate goal is to become part of a team effort to put together a comparative study of the best international pandemic policies and use that information to co-author a universal guide and make that available to all nations. This would give the world a baseline pandemic response guide that would hopefully inspire contemporary efforts as well as proactive initiatives beyond this crisis.

      Kudos to the South Korean officials (and to Kamiar Khajavi) for leading the discussion) who presented such a thorough explanation of their government and citizens’ Covid-19 response and follow through! I came across that video on the JLN – Vimeo video channel and was blown away by the depth of knowledge that was shared. Great work and inspiration!

      Looking forward to learning more and working with you all,


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      Greg Olson

      Welcome Dave! Thanks for joining the MyJLN community.

      I hope we can help get you connected to other JLN members and experiences that countries have had during their COVID-19 responses.

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