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      JLN Network Manager

      Thank you for joining MyJLN and welcome to the discussion forums. These open forums are available to all registered users to connect and share with others. Everyone should feel comfortable and confident to start a discussion topic or reply to a post.

      Help us keep this a useful and practical space to collaborate by following some simple forum guidelines:

      1. Please be respectful and welcoming to other users. We are all here to learn from and share with each other. We should all operate with an attitude of mutual respect and positive intent.
      2. Please refrain from posting inappropriate, hateful, or hurtful content. Content that is illegal or inappropriate will be removed, and users who flagrantly ignore our community guidelines may lose privileges to post. Aggressive and abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
      3. Please help us moderate. If you find inappropriate content or broken features, please help us keep the community clean and focused by reporting it to the Network Manager.

      Help contribute to our community with some of these positive behaviors:

      • Actively participate in discussions. If you have question that hasn’t been answered, start a discussion topic! If you have an experience or response relevant to a discussion topic, reply to the post! Our community will be more engaging and active if we all bring a willingness to share.
      • Share feedback. If any of the features in MyJLN bother you or you would like to recommend new features, please let the Network Manager know.
      • Keep private details private. Please avoid sharing private information like personal addresses or passwords in public areas of MyJLN.
      • Encourage others to share by starting discussion topics with descriptive titles, posing questions to other users, and replying to existing threads.

      Once again, welcome and happy sharing!

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