Report: Patient Pathways and Pandemics: COVID-19 and Beyond Learning Exchange

April 29, 2022

The Community of Practice (COP) supporting Malaysia’s improvement and expansion of telemedicine for primary health care (PHC), referred to as e–Consultations, represents a potential model for future implementation–oriented JLN engagements. The Malaysia team, with the support and accompaniment of country participants (CPs) and technical facilitation teams (TFTs), successfully implemented key activities along three technical thematic […]

Institutional Coordination Between Health and Non-health Agencies on Population Targeting

February 13, 2022

Data Linkage Between Health and Non-health Agencies for Population Targeting

Cover slide of Ghana's NHIS requirements document

Requirements for National Health Insurance Information Systems

November 12, 2021

This document provides an introduction to the development and use of system requirements, that countries can use as a starting point to define, design, and implement information systems to support health insurance programs.

Making the Case for Health: A Messaging Guide for Domestic Resource Mobilization

June 6, 2021

Making the Case for Health: A Messaging Guide for Domestic Resource Mobilization was created following DRM collaborative member country requests for evidence-based arguments that can support communication across the health and finance sectors to make the case for investment in health. The guide has benefitted from the joint participation of health and finance policy makers in distilling and refining these messages to bridge communications in the most effective way possible.