The Provider Payment Mechanisms Technical Initiative: A 10 Year Journey

March 5, 2022

This video shares the journey of the PPM Technical Initiative and showcases the journey of the countries over the past 10 years as we learnt together, laughed together and made new connections and friendships across the world. Join us to hear more about the journey, our passion for UHC, and our hope for the future.

Narrative Summaries on Public Expenditure for Health

December 6, 2021

The DRM collaborative created narrative summaries to help Ministry of Health policymakers effectively analyze and present evidence-based arguments for investment in health to their Ministry of Finance counterparts using their own budget data and supplemented with global resources. The concise analyses explore how trends in data are related to within-country policy dialogue and/or health financing […]

Making the Case for Health: A Messaging Guide for Domestic Resource Mobilization

June 6, 2021

Making the Case for Health: A Messaging Guide for Domestic Resource Mobilization was created following DRM collaborative member country requests for evidence-based arguments that can support communication across the health and finance sectors to make the case for investment in health. The guide has benefitted from the joint participation of health and finance policy makers in distilling and refining these messages to bridge communications in the most effective way possible. 

Primary Health Care Financing and Payment: Lessons and Best Practices from the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 25, 2021

This report includes six case studies sharing how Bangladesh, China, Kenya, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the Republic of Korea have coordinated their COVID-19 pandemic responses. The case studies, which were developed by the JLN Primary Healthcare (PHC) Financing and Payment Collaborative sub-group, also cover how these countries are financing and paying for essential health services at the primary health care level. […]

Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment in Kenya

January 29, 2021

Kenya’s use of the Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment toolkit produced findings that were used to change county-level reimbursement models to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve financial sustainabilty. This case study profiles the use of Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment in Kenya. In Makueni County, the government has the mandate […]