Cover of the Revisiting Health Financing technical initiative brochure

Revisiting Health Financing Brochure

November 29, 2019

The Health Financing technical initiative was launched after extensive consultations with JLN member countries and the JLN Steering Group, including during the Annual UHC Financing Forum (April 2016, Washington DC), the 2016 JLN Global Meeting (July 2016, Malaysia), and through multiple JLN Member surveys. The World Bank led a country-by-country consultation was from February to […]

Thumbnail for the Provider Payment Mechanisms Podcast explaining the who, what, and how of paying for health services for universal health coverage

Provider Payment Mechanisms Podcast

September 26, 2019

A four-part podcast series that introduces listeners to the insights and experiences of global experts who are leading provider payment systems reform around the world.

Cover of Financing and Payment Models for Primary Health Care

Financing and Payment Models for Primary Health Care: Six Lessons from JLN Country Experience

December 22, 2017

In most countries, primary health care (PHC) providers are the first point of contact that most people have with the larger health care system. Primary health care is accessed the most by patients and can have the greatest impact on health outcomes compared with other parts of the system. However, many countries find it challenging […]

Thumbnail of the Costing Manual emodule

eModule: Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment Manual

October 10, 2017

A digital companion course to the JLN Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment manual.

Cover of the Costing Workshop Training of Trainers Curriculum

Costing Train the Trainer Course Materials

February 4, 2016

This folder contains all of the course materials required to organize a 5 day workshop on costing, including quizzes, homework and exercises.