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Leveraging Resources for Efficiency

About the Collaborative

The Leveraging Existing Resources for Efficiency collaborative attempts to address challenges faced by countries in leveraging existing resources for health while discussing aspects of efficiency in the health system, including:

  • Country experience with budget formulation, allocation of resources and technical capacity, and the opportunity to use affordable mechanisms of systematic priority setting.
    Policymakers’ experiences in performance-based financing for health facilities and health workers.
    Experiences around measuring performance, setting indicators, and the extent and mix of non-monetary incentives.
    Improving public financial management in the health sector
    Procurement and supply chain efficiency, governance reforms, and use of IT-enabled processes.

The Efficiency collaborative came together for its first in-person meeting following a two-day Annual UHC Financing Forum in Washington DC, a conference with a focus on efficiency. The meeting was attended by 37 participants from 11 JLN member countries.

During the launch meeting, participants shared their countries’ experiences grappling with the persistent challenges faced in the efficient use of resources for health, concluding that measuring efficiency and systematic priority setting are two of the most significant issues faced by their countries in the efficient use of resources for health. Accordingly, two strategic focus areas have been created under the Efficiency collaborative.

Past Collaborative Work

This work stream proposes to address the challenge of measurement and information needed for the efficient use of resources: especially given limited data on available resources for health, the cost and use of health services and health system performance, including measures of quality.

The current set of activities include:
• Reviewing a list of global efficiency indicators and develop options for a common set of key indicators that can be used for measuring efficiency based on country context, priorities and data availability.
• Compiling a list of indicators that can be used to monitor efficiency in each of the participants’ countries, focusing on routine and existing data sources while discussing an interim approach to measuring efficiency in the absence of data for key indicators.
• Exploring the feasibility of these common indicators using a process of data collection efforts by volunteer countries.
• Developing a communications strategy for using efficiency measurement to engage relevant stakeholders and bring data on efficiency into the decision-making and policy arenas.

This area of work proposes to develop a toolkit that advocates for applying the principles of systematic priority setting for efficient allocation of resources at the country level.

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