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About the Learning Exchange

USAID’s Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector Project (SHOPS Plus) – the Bureau for Global Health’s flagship project focused on private sector engagement – will support a year-long learning exchange on public-private sector engagement for universal health coverage (UHC). To date, participation in this collaborative has been limited to public sector contributors, without the benefit of input from private sector counterparts.

SHOPS Plus is well positioned to facilitate this exchange and will leverage its existing relationships to convene and amplify the voice of private sector stakeholders with our members. Additionally, members of the SHOPS Plus team have previously served as co-facilitators of the Private Sector Engagement collaborative.

The learning exchange will reconvene country members of the Private Sector Engagement collaborative to co-develop practical knowledge on “Provider Contracting and Payment” that incorporates solutions from both public and private sector perspectives.

Past Collaborative Work

Strong primary health care (PHC) is vital to achieving UHC. As countries work toward UHC, they recognize that the public sector alone cannot provide all necessary comprehensive PHC services to cover country populations and that countries need to engage and effectively steward both public and private health sectors. The Private Sector Engagement collaborative has worked to address the lack of international guidance on engaging the private sector to achieve PHC-oriented UHC.

Member country representatives from the Tamil Nadu State of India; Malaysia; the Philippines; and Vietnam co-developed Engaging the Private Sector in PHC to Achieve UHC: Advice from Implementers to Implementers, a guide designed to help policymakers, practitioners, development agencies, and research institutes with practical guidance for engaging the private sector to deliver primary health services for UHC.

Members identified that the public and private sectors in most countries often work in parallel with minimal linkages or collaboration between the two sectors in primary health care. Modules in this guide include a series of steps that implementers can take to engage and partner with the private sector; why each step is important; and how to implement the step, with real-world examples and documentation.

Technical Facilitators

Profile photo of Jeanna HoltzJeanna Holtz
Health Financing Director, SHOPS Plus
Private Sector Engagement collaborative

Profile photo of Rachel Rosen De LongRachel Rosen DeLong
Associate, Health Finance and Economics, Abt Associates
Private Sector Engagement collaborative

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