Year Joined: 2014 Membership: Associate Member

Universal access to care.

Kosovo passed a Health Insurance Law in April 2014, meant to establish and regulate public health insurance. The Health Financing Agency is the lead agency in implementing and running the Health Insurance Scheme.

Summary of UHC Journey

The Government of Kosovo, through the Health Insurance Law, aims to establish universal access to quality basic healthcare services for the citizens and residents of the Republic of Kosovo. The Government of Kosovo aims to improve healthcare indicators and ensure financial protection against impoverishment due to high healthcare costs by establishing and regulating the public health insurance system. The law was approved by Kosovo Parliament on April 10, 2014. The Health Financing Agency (HFA) has the lead role in undertaking activities to start implementation of this law. HFA works in close collaboration with all national and international stakeholders to achieve its goals.

Activity as a JLN Member

Kosovo joined the JLN in 2014.

KaSAPI Program for Engaging MFIs for Information Campaigns and Collection

KaSAPI partners PhilHealth with existing microfinance institutions, rural banks, cooperatives, and other organized groups to better target and efficiently enroll groups of informal sector workers into the PhilHealth national insurance program (NHIP).


National Strategy to Expand Health Coverage through Mutuelles de Santé

Mali is beginning the pilot phase of its national strategy to extend health coverage to 80% (informal sector and rural agricultural workers) of its population through mutuelles de santé, or community-based health insurance schemes (CBHI).


Mobile Phones for Communication and Resource Mobilization

Kenya's National Hospital Insurance Fund is in the final stages of recruiting dealers for a new program that uses mobile phone technology and commercial intermediaries to expand enrollment and increase revenue. All other elements of the program are ready for a July 5th launch that will commemorate NHIF&rsquo