Total Population: 2.7 million GDP: 8.25 billion Population Coverage: 82.6 percent Year Launched: 2006 Language: Mongolian Membership: Full Member

Ensuring the availability, accessibility, and affordability of health services.

The Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection leads the process to develop the basic methodologies and mechanisms for implementing the policy to achieve universal health coverage in Mongolia.

The Context

Since 1994, Mongolia has successfully been operating the compulsory health insurance scheme and implementing the Citizen Health Insurance Law (CHIL). The health insurance coverage in 2012 was 90.4%. In 2013, Mongolia launched its long-term strategy for the development of Social Health Insurance (SHI) (2013-2022). It has already maintained its level of population coverage through SHI. In addition, Mongolia has a combined system of health financing by tax and social health insurance.